Thursday, September 8, 2016

                                  The Woodland Chokecherry Festival 

                                          September 17th, 2016            


   I can't believe it is time for the Chokecherry Festival!  I have picked chokecherries under blue skies and warm fall breezes until the only chokecherries I can find are too high to reach from the top of a ladder or the bed of my pickup truck!  The birds have chirped and scolded at me until I have finally decided to leave a few for them to enjoy!  I am now busy making jelly and hope I have enough for everyone to enjoy!  I will keep making it until the 17th!  (Please note....the above picture is from last year, so the date of the Festival is Sept. 17th for this year!)

  The Trail Ride is under the direction of Jodi McNulty, JoDe Miles and Jen Brown this year!  I know they are excited about the plans and hope there are many who will join them!  Call Jodi @ 435-513-9799 or JoDe @ 435-783-2493 for sign-up and information!

   The 5-K Run and the Kid's Fun Run are headed up by Giselle Rasheta and others.  For registration and information, call 435-513-0834.

   The Boutique will be up and running by 9:30 with lots of interesting vendors, and of course, my chokecherry jelly and syrup!

   And...yum!  The Food Court is under the direction of Billie Jo Butikofer this year!  Knowing her skill with delicious food makes me hungry as I sit here writing!

   Of course, the Hay Maize will be up and running and it will be a challenge to get from one side to the other!

  The Kids' Games will be hosted by the South Summit Drill Team this year, so gather up all the kids you can find and come see what fun these talented girls have planned!

 Don't worry...just because I saved it until last, doesn't mean I forgot about it!  The Pumpkin Patch will be in full force with Earl at the tractor wheel taking us "over the river and through the woods!"  (Oh, wrong season -- but it's still fun!)

   Please cross your fingers and say your prayers that the weather will hold and be beautiful for us!  Just in case, I have bought a huge tent to cover us -- whether we'll need it for rain or shine, only Mother Nature knows!  I can't wait to see all of you!