Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It's that time of year!

     YES!  It IS that time of year again!  How often do we hear that....however....for me it means something entirely different! When I begin to see the tiny little clusters of green berries hanging from the trees on the side hill, slowly taking on a red, then burgundy color, I know.... it's that time of year again!
     I remember as a child when my Mother would get all
my sisters and me together to go pick chokecherries, I 
really did not like doing it!  It was hot and the berries
were difficult to pick and it took a long time and it seemed like it took forever to fill my bucket, and ....I 
could go on and on!  Now, however, I love being on the
quiet side hill, with no one around but the birds and the
sound of an occasional car passing by on the road below.
It's actually quite relaxing and allows plenty of time for
private thought. Everything just depends on your perspective...

    From my perspective...I love my life in the country!  I am truly a "farm girl!"  I love sharing a bit of my country life with you and the peace I feel.  The Chokecherry Festival allows me that opportunity and I'm glad  you love it too! Circle Saturday, September 16th , on your calendar for the 2017 celebration. 

                                                           This old fashioned, farm-house cupboard will be filled as full                 as possible with  flavorful chokecherry jelly and syrups...just waiting for you! When you step through my front door, the odor of raspberries, peaches, jalapenos, strawberries, fresh rosemary, sage and basil fill the air! I thoroughly enjoy tasting every new recipe idea I come up with...and I've got some new ones for you to try this year!

My "farm-boy" husband will be on hand to take you on a wonderful ride to pumpkin patch!

 There's always plenty of fun for the kids, while the parents stock up on the famous "Fudge Fairy" delicious goodies!

   I'll add the schedule soon, but save the date - Sat. Sept. 16th - and be prepared to enjoy a beautiful fall day in the country!

See you soon - I'm out picking chokecherries!